'Whether you acknowledge it or not, we are living in end times,' says Kim Davis

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis (left) says Pope Francis (right) told her during their meeting at the Vatican Embassy in Washington D.C. to 'stay strong.'Reuters

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis made an uphill battle last year to uphold her Christian values, but she expects that things will get worse this 2016.

"There is a lot of Bible prophecy that has to be fulfilled. Whether you acknowledge it or not, we are living in end times," Davis said in a recent interview with The Christian Post. "How soon will the Lord return? I don't know, but definitely there are signs that we are in the end of times and there is a lot of stuff that has to happen to fulfill Bible prophecy. The Word of God is infallible, and so I suspect it will get a lot worse."

Davis spent five years in jail last September after she refused to sign marriage certificates for same-sex couples. As difficult as it was to be in jail, Davis admitted that she felt "peaceful" and proud that she got to fight for God's Word.

"It is a battle for every freedom that we possess, for every freedom that we want to hold true and dear to our hearts," Davis said.

The clerk of Rowan county believes that Christians need to unite in defending God's values and beliefs, because it is only then that they can make a change.

"I stand as one but we as a whole are many and we are strong," Davis explained. "That's what Christians need to understand — when we unite, not just in stand but in our prayer, that we do make a difference."

After she was released from jail, Davis made it back to the news when Pope Francis requested to talk to her during his visit to the United States last September. She was overwhelmed by the invitation, and in the end he commended her courage and asked that she pray for him as well.

"I didn't know why he would want to meet me. I am nobody," Davis said. "He was a very inviting man and I think he desires prayers of all people. He's got a lot of followers that depend on his leadership."