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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method of receiving constantly updated links to your chosen websites. Once you have set up a connection to a website you will receive a list of all the stories currently shown on a certain page or section of that site.

How can I receive RSS feeds?

There are several ways of receiving RSS feeds, but the technology is constantly moving forward very quickly. The main method is to download a program called a 'News Reader'. You can then set up this program to receive RSS information from whatever websites you wish that offer it, and browse headlines and story summaries that link through to the full story on the website.

There are several News Reader programs available for all platforms, many of which are free. See a list here.

Alternatively, some newer web browsers offer similar functionality already built-in which will detect whether the website you are viewing offers an RSS feed and will then let you create a constantly-updated list of links in your 'bookmarks' menu.

There are also some websites that let you customise a list of RSS feeds too.

Which RSS feeds are available on Christian Today?

Christian Today provides an RSS feed for the main home page and each of the main section home pages (World, Church, Mission, Ministry, Society, Culture etc). The list below shows links to the feeds available - you will need to follow the instructions for your chosen News Reader to add them to your list of RSS feeds.

Terms for RSS feeds

We encourage the use of Christian Today RSS feeds for personal use in a news reader or as part of a non-commercial Web site or blog. We require proper format and attribution whenever Christian Today content is posted on your Web site, and we reserve the right to require that you cease distributing Christian Today content.