Evangelicals call for hope after 'historic' general election hands Boris Johnson a comfortable majority

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to "get Brexit done" after the Conservatives secured a comfortable majority in the general election on Thursday.

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The three wise women in the Christmas story

The idea of being stuck in the shadows came to mind when I was thinking about the three women involved in the story of Jesus' birth; not just Mary, but also Elizabeth and Anna. …

When we feel like we're drowning in the storm

When I was growing up, someone once asked "what would be the worst way to die." My response, "drowning." The older I get and the more I have time to think on my response, the more I realize how profound it actually was. …

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What is Joseph's part in the Christmas story?

In all our various ways of the depicting this event – from school nativity plays through to big-screen biblical epics – Joseph is only a supporting character: often more part of the scenery than a participant in the scene. …

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