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What is the Great Commission and why is it important?

Perhaps we should think of today's world as pre-Revival rather than post-Christian. …


Victim of Trump rally shooting went to church every Sunday

Corey Comperatore, the 50-year-old man from Butler, Pennsylvania, who was killed during an assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump at a political rally, went to church every Sunday and loved his family and community, Gov. Josh Shapiro said at a press conference. …

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  • Life After Doom


    Personally, I have no problem with believing in human sinfulness in these areas – and in many others. But Brian McLaren takes a shallow, limited view – it is really the bad news without the Good News. …

  • The Bible at the Proms


    The long history of exchange between so-called sacred and secular music means the Bible is often found hiding in plain sight, even in a concert that has no religious purpose. …

  • Britain's pilgrimage routes retain their popularity


    To many, they might seem a historical curiosity more at home in the pages of classic literature like Chaucer's Canterbury Tales but, according to travel experts, pilgrimages are far from a thing of the past in the UK. Instead, new pilgrims are discovering the age-old attractions of the pilgrim trails to Canterbury and Holywell every day, and experiencing Britain in a whole new way. …

  • Healing from gay desires is possible


    Men who are struggling with gay desires must come to understand three truths in their healing journey. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start. …

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