6 ways to read the Bible for all it's worth

The Bible was written over perhaps a thousand years by many different people, all of whom lived in a world very different from our own. So how can we get the best out of it?


The profound Christian faith of Vincent van Gogh

Today is the birthday of the legendary artist Vincent van Gogh. The artist is beloved for his unique, rich and vibrant style – and remembered as a misunderstood genius whose life ended in tragedy. What many may miss is that behind his masterful art and complex life was a committed Christian faith.


3 dangers of refusing to embrace change

God calls for change because it is necessary. When clothes, systems or ideologies get old we are often called into new ones.Here are three dangers we put ourselves into by refusing to change.


Simple things real Christ-followers live for

The Christian life is simple. When we take our selfish desires and ambitions out of the picture and replace them with Christ's, we will find that life isn't all that hard and complicated. What do we live for as Christ-followers anyway?


One encouragement to help you keep praying

While some persevere in prayer because they know that God answers our prayers, some have given up or at least do not give that much effort to praying anymore because they think God's not listening. He actually is listening with ears wide open.