6 ways to read the Bible for all it's worth

The Bible was written over perhaps a thousand years by many different people, all of whom lived in a world very different from our own. So how can we get the best out of it?


Finding God when you're at a crossroads

Facing a crossroads, the possible opportunity that lies ahead can be exciting but at the same time burdensome when we are left unguided on what road to take or what decision to make.


How do evil spirits work? Can we inherit them from our ancestors?

When the disciples asked Jesus, 'Who sinned, this man or his parents?' he didn't rebuke them for asking a stupid question but explained that this situation was different. Implicitly he accepted the idea that people could be adversely affected by their ancestor's behaviour.


Here's the secret to being a happy husband

Are you a husband who wants to be happy? Or are you a wife who wants to make your husband happy? If you are either of the two, let me share one simple secret to you.


Prayer without God's purpose misses the point

For years, I was under the wrong assumption that it's faith and sincerity that makes praying worth the effort by bringing in results. Not only was I wrong, but I was faithfully and sincerely wrong.