Ugandan policeman killed after converting from Islam to Christianity

A policeman has been killed after converting from Islam to Christianity in eastern Uganda, according to the Morning Star News.

A church in Odek village, north of Kampala. Christians make up 85 per cent of Uganda's population.Reuters

Ismail Kuloba, 43, responded to an urgent call to resolve a land dispute but arrived to find 20 men waiting who surrounded and killed him.

"They saw that Ismail had become an apostate," said one local Christian.

The source, who is unnamed for security reasons, witnessed the attack and said one assailant began by throwing stones at Kuloba's head.

"Ismail fell down, and the same man picked up his gun and fired two gunshots at his head, and he died there while the other Muslims were shouting, 'Allah Akbar [God is greater],'" he said.

"A local Muslim who lives close by said, 'You converted our people to Christianity, and now your time has come for you to receive the punishment of Allah,""

"We need prayers, as the Muslims are out to destroy people who converted to Christ in this area, especially those of us who have sacrificed to share the love of Christ to our fellow Muslims," the source said.

"We shall continue becoming the voice of the persecuted church, and the work of God will eventually emerge victorious against the evil forces of darkness."

Local Christians have retaliated by burning down the house of one Muslim allegedly involved in the attack. Fears are growing this will spark a subsequent retaliation and further violence.