'The Fosters' casts 'Faking It' transgender star Elliot Fletcher for season 4

MTV's "Faking It" transgender star Elliot Fletcher has been tapped to appear in a multiple-episode arc in the fourth season of "The Fosters."

Fletcher, known for portraying the role of the charismatic guitarist/bassist named Noah in the current season of "Faking It," will join Freeform's family drama in its July 11 episode.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fletcher will portray the character named Aaron, described as "an attractive and intriguing law student who Callie (Maia Mitchell) meets at a coffee shop." Yet the character description did not reveal whether Aaron will become friends with Callie in the series.

Callie and her family had been through a lot in the final moments of "The Fosters" season 3. Before the end of the previous season, Callie and her adoptive brother Jude (Hayden Byerly) had to go through a difficult loss when their friend Jack (Tanner Buchanan) died at the hand of their former foster father.

Also, Callie has to deal with the repercussion of the exposed secret between her and Brandon (David Lambert). The former couple-turned-siblings once had a sexual relationship with each other. But they have to abruptly stop seeing each other when the court finally decided to grant the adoption petition of Brandon's moms to legally adopt Callie.

But while the two managed to hide their romantic past, their secret made its way to the public as a result of Justina's revenge. This could bring trouble to Foster household.

The upcoming season of "The Fosters" will also reveal the fate of Callie's relationship with AJ (Tom Williamson). Mitchell teased about it in an interview with TV Line. "You see her really try to mend that relationship, but that's not fully resolved. We're going to have to wait until Season 4 for that one."

"The Fosters" season 4 premieres on Freeform on Monday, June 20.