Shaman who once channeled dark powers is now a follower of Jesus after 'man in white' saves her from brink of death


The "power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes" (Romans 1:16) is once in full display in a story about a shaman who turned to Christ in northwest China as shared by Open Doors USA.

The spirit-doctor named Ting was a respected and authoritative figure in her community who people turned to for advice regarding practically everything in their lives. They asked her questions like, "Who should I marry? What must I do to be successful? What does my future hold? Why am I sick? Have I offended the spirits?"

Ting drew thousands of people, all seeking her counsel.

Then one day, a mysterious illness struck her, completely paralyzing her. Her doctors were at a loss on how to treat her even as her health continued to deteriorate.

She then fell into a deep sleep. Her mind wandered off, and she thought she was in the back seat of a taxi being driven by her brother in the dead of night. Then, three men "wearing brilliant white robes" appeared before her.

Two other men wearing black robes also appeared and invited her to follow them.

The three men in white told her she must now make a choice.

"I knew in my heart one of the men wearing a white robe was Jesus. So I followed Him," Ting said.

When Ting woke up, her paralysis was gone and she felt healthy again. She remembered her "dream" and realized she made the right choice in following the "Man in White," who she knew was the One who restored her health.

Ting immediately embraced Jesus as her Savior.

After she formally converted to Christianity, her own family shunned and disowned her, seeing her act as causing disgrace to her family. The community she once belonged also turned against her.

Ting knew the risks, but she endured them all and remained steadfast in her faith. And it's because of her powerful dream of Jesus.

Last March, Christian Aid Mission shared a story about a devout young Muslim woman living in Turkey who harbored a deep hatred of Christians. But when she dreamt of Jesus, her life was changed and she is now a devout follower of Jesus.

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