I'm 'more than okay,' says Bobbie Houston

Brian and Bobbie Houston.(Photo: Instagram/Bobbie Houston)

Bobbie Houston says she is "okay" but "a little winded" after the last few weeks in which her husband, Brian Houston, resigned as global senior pastor of Hillsong, before she herself was reportedly made redundant by the Sydney-based church.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she thanked supporters for "the ocean of love and kindness" they had extended to herself and Brian. 

"I'm okay believe it or not. Actually 'more than okay', although a little winded, but I know how to take breath in God. We've lived in the trenches for decades and it seems, we continue to do so," she said. 

"I'm still standing. Fully aware and fully awake. Still desperately in love with JESUS, His beautiful Body of Christ, Church and Bride He is returning for one day.

"For the first time since 15, I am not found in the House, but trust me, the House is still found in me."

Brian and Bobbie Houston founded Hillsong together in Australia in 1983 and it grew into one of the biggest and most influential churches in the world, helped in large part by the success of its music ministry. 

Together they were co-global senior pastors of the church and Bobbie led the women's ministry, founding the Colour Conference and Colour Sisterhood. 

Last month, Brian announced his resignation after investigations into two complaints about his behaviour, one involving alleged inappropriate texts sent to a member of the Hillsong staff, and the other claiming he had entered the hotel room of a woman who was not his wife. 

A war of words has since played out online over the circumstances around Bobbie's departure from the church after Brian accused the leadership of making her redundant by text message.

Hillsong confirmed that it is working on a "redundancy plan" with Bobbie but denied making her redundant by text.

In her Instagram post, Bobbie did not comment on the row but praised her husband. 

"I have utmost respect and honor for my husband. Utmost," she said.

"I might get judged or slandered for that — but those taunts I really don't care about. I care more about the Vineyard of His Love and those He desperately cares for, for those He is yet beckoning."

She concluded her post with more thanks to people who have reached out: "Deeply grateful for the good, good people that we've done life with these 39yrs ... & just for the record — every conviction I've ever spoken or shared or had revelation of remains ... and even more so."