Huge solar eclipse over the U.S. on August 21 to glorify God as 250,000 people hear the Gospel directly under its path

Photo: Reuters/Howard Burditt

A once in a lifetime total solar eclipse is about to cut a path directly across the United States this month and Christians are getting pretty excited about it.  

For some Christians, they're excited because they see the August 21 total solar eclipse as a sign of the end times - more about their theories here

For others, it's the astrology that gets them excited because eclipses don't fall over the U.S. too often and regardless of where you are on the planet, total solar eclipses are only going to become less frequent as the moon is moving further away from the Earth. 

It's just at this exact moment in time that the sun, moon and Earth are in such perfect alignment to create a total solar eclipse. 

'In other words, the only place where humans can live in the solar system is also the only place where perfect solar eclipses occur and these eclipses are occurring at the one time when human observers can appreciate them,' said Dr Hugh Ross, of Reason to Believe.

'The solar eclipse of August 21 will be the first to cross America in 99 years. Millions of Americans will witness a perfect solar eclipse. Everyone in the contiguous 48 states will see at least a very good partial eclipse. Don't miss it and rejoice with us that God created humans beings at the one time and the one place where we could enjoy and benefit from experiencing perfect solar eclipses.'

One group of Christians in Kentucky are certainly not planning to miss it.  They've reserved around 72 acres of farm land to preach the Gospel to the hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the area to see the eclipse.

SolQuest is taking place just 1.2 miles away from where NASA has pinpointed the best place to experience the upcoming total solar eclipse.

Organizer Harrell Riley doesn't only see the hand of God in the eclipse; he thinks it's an unmissable opportunity to point people to the Creator behind it.

'Our goal is as they come, what better way than to show them that the creator who put the sun and the moon and the stars up there, wants a relationship with them,' he said