Rambo 5: Sylvester Stallone is bringing back John Rambo and Rocky Balboa

WikipediaThis guy's back!

A new "Rambo" film was heavily tagged as something inexistent until legendary actor Sylvester Stallone himself announced his final rendering of the legendary franchise. The 68-year-old has let the cat out of the bag in a tweet cleverly and artfully meant to pull in attention for another movie with him as a mafia hitman who eventually switched to the FBI force, "Scarpa." 

Stallone's string of epic film projects does not end there though. To the delight of many, he will yet again wear his boxing gloves and his unmistakably dangerous game face in a new movie called "Creed." The actor is morphing into Rocky Balboa once more to train the grandson (to be played by Michael B. Jordan) of his rival boxer Apollo Creed. Shooting of the much-awaited "Rocky" spinoff has begun, with Stallone taking updates, as usual, to Twitter. 

In one tweet, he said, "Going to Philly to start the film CREED.... What a great idea." 

Meanwhile, Stallone will suit up for his gang leader role in "Scarpa" by the end of the year for the filming of "Rambo: Last Blood."  Website Nola, however, said that this may change with Stallone's thickset project lineup. 

The first "Rambo" film was released in 1982, and the fourth one, which obtained $113 million at the box office, is roughly seven years old. All in all, the "Rambo" installments procured a whopping $727 million. A release date and a plot has yet to be revealed for the final "Rambo" film but "Creed" will hit theaters in 2016.