Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, specs rumors: next-gen Surface Book rumored to have hinge

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After getting a minor update to the Surface Book a few months back, it seems like Microsoft might be getting ready to make a proper announcement on the next-gen Surface Book 2 soon. 

Microsoft has been distracted lately with the launch of its Surface Studio desktop and of course there is its prized Surface Pro range, with an upgrade expected some time this year. 

But there's still plenty of interest in the more affordable Surface Book range and, happily, DigiTimes reports that the second iteration has already entered into mass production. 

And that's not all.  There are reports that Microsoft is making a significant and unexpected design change to the Surface Book 2.

While the original Surface Book is a hybrid tablet-laptop, DigiTimes reports that Microsoft is reverting back to the traditional clamshell hinge design for the second iteration.  According to its sources, the design will be based on a magnesium-aluminium chassis and the device will have a 13.5-inch display. 

That's a pretty radical shift if the reports are true.  

Microsoft hasn't commented on the rumors and it's yet to confirm the product details and release date. 

But BGR thinks we could see an announcement from Microsoft at the end of March or April, which is around the time Apple is expected to update fans on its 2017 iPads.

Interestingly, Microsoft will be starting the roll out of its Creator Update for Windows 10 in April so it would certainly be a good time for the Surface Book 2 to make an appearance.

Recent price cuts on the original Surface Book down to $1,299 are a good indication that the second model is on its way and BGR reports that the Surface Book 2 will actually retail for a lot less than the first model, at around $1,000 as opposed to $1,499, as Microsoft seeks to increase sales.

DigiTimes speculates that the price slash and design change are all designed to make the Surface Book 2 more competitive against the Microsoft Surface Pro range, after it only shifted an underwhelming 500,000 Surface Books. 

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