Keswick Convention cancelled due to coronavirus

The Keswick Convention is a popular evangelical conference that draws thousands each year.Keswick Convention

This year's Keswick Convention has been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

It is the latest in a string of Christian conferences to be cancelled because of the outbreak, after Spring Harvest, New Wine and the Lambeth Conference all announced they were no longer taking place.

The Keswick Convention draws thousands to the Lake District each year and this year's event was set to be especially memorable, coinciding with its 145th anniversary.

It was due to take place from 11 to 31 July but has been cancelled after the Government ordered people to stay at home other than for essential trips outside, like picking up basics from the supermarket. 

James Robson, Keswick's ministry director, said it was clear that there could still be significant restrictions across the UK come July. 

He said: "Public health is the priority and so we will not be holding this year's event.

"Given the circumstances we know there will be support for this decision though understandably it is tinged with disappointment given the enjoyment and benefits the Convention brings."

Mr Robson said the team were looking at ways to share elements of the convention online.  This includes companion teaching and training events that were supposed to take place this spring. 

Despite Keswick Convention 2020 being off, he said planning was already underway for next year's conference, with Bible readers confirmed.

He asked for prayers for all those affected by the decision to cancel this year's convention. 

"Many people will be affected by this decision, supporters, volunteers, accommodation providers, the town and our teaching and training delegates," he said. 

"We are praying for the many who are affected in different ways during these unprecedented and challenging times. We thank everyone for their patience and support. We in turn appreciate your prayers."