Home for Good to feature on Mother's Day Songs of Praise

Home for Good aims to make adoption and fostering a significant part of the life and ministry of the Church in the UK.

A church-based fostering and adoption campaign is set to feature on BBC1's Songs of Praise this weekend as part of its Mother's Day celebrations.

Home for Good, which works to equip churches to encourage and support Christian families to consider adoption and fostering, will feature on the half-hour long episode. Filmed at St Luke's Oseney Crescent Church in London, a woman who chose to adopt rather than have her own children will share her journey, as will several other potential adoption and foster families.

Songs of Praise presenter Diane Louise Jordan has an adopted daughter herself, and said she is "overwhelmed with excitement" at Home for Good's involvement.

"There's nothing that can replace the love of a family and every single child needs to be individually known and individually loved in order to stand a chance to flourish," she said.

"This is not just a great idea but a really necessary idea. I passionately want every single church in this country to not just seriously consider this but to actually take it as part of God's mandate for their lives. I think if we are really serious about saying that we're Christians, it's a fundamental thing for us to do.

"I just don't know how we could actually say all the things that we say, and all the things that we believe, and not take care of the orphans in our midst. We have to do it."

Home for Good founder Krish Kandiah noted the significance of highlighting the importance of family on Mother's Day in particular. "We're really excited that Home for Good has the opportunity to talk about the needs of children in care. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to engage at a heart level as well as a mind level on these really important issues for our nation."

The episode airs at 5pm on Sunday 15 March.