'Frozen 2' news: Release date announced, production underway

Elsa and Anna from "Frozen Fever"Facebook/DisneyFrozen

Disney announced that the animated movie "Frozen 2" will be released on Nov. 27, 2019. The sequel to the story was a sure thing after the first movie's success in 2013. No details about the upcoming film have been made available, so far, but production has already started.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," American actor Josh Gad confirmed that they had already started filming and that he will reprise his role as Olaf the Snowman. Gad said he is "unbelievably excited" for everyone, especially for the fans. Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel will also return as Anna and Elsa. The movie still has over two years to top off "Frozen" and, of course, its hit song "Let it go."

Frozen's co-director Chris Buck did mention a few fragments of the sequel's plot that will highlight the New Elsa. Buck told Fandango in 2015 that Elsa's character took the biggest journey in the first movie and that she will be renewed in the next one. "We could have fun with Elsa. And that personality... you will see in the next one," he said.

The "Frozen Fever" short film in 2015 showed an exciting side of Elsa as she prepared a surprise birthday party for Anna.

Fans are also waiting for the release of the short film "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" on Nov. 22. The story will revolve around Olaf looking for Christmas traditions with his good pal Sven. The short flick will also feature Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff.

Poster of the movie "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" Facebook/Frozen

Everyone is excited, of course, about the soundtrack of the sequel and the "Let it go" duet of Elsa and Anna. Fans all over the world are keeping their eyes open for any updates and for the first trailer. There are still questions to be answered, including whether Elsa will have a love interest just like her sister and who will be the next villain after Hans was thrown into prison for his betrayal.