'Cave Story+' Nintendo Switch release date news: Taking a throwback to another level

A screenshot from "Cave Story."Twitter/Nicalis, Inc.

Other than the engrossing "Super Mario" series, another arguably video game classic is "Cave Story." This June, gamers are in for a treat: the nostalgia-rich game is making a comeback on Nintendo's newest console, Nintendo Switch.

Nicalis, Inc. founder Tyrone Rodriguez posted on Twitter that "Cave Story+" will be released on June 20.

"Share the Cave Story+ adventure with a friend on #NintendoSwitch 06.20.17," posted Rodriguez. The tweet has since earned almost a thousand likes and it is easy to see why.

According to Nintendo Wire, "Cave Story+" will come with upgraded HD graphics and more levels to allow gamers to fully explore the fictional universe. There will be a Boss Rush, 15 levels, at least 20 boss battles, four endings, and 10 weapons to acquire and upgrade. While all of these are going to make the wait worth it for gamers, the best feature of "Cave Story+" is the co-op mode wherein they can play the classic with their friends and other newcomers.

The original "Cave Story" was first released in 2004, co-developed by Studio Pixel and Nicalis and designed by Daisuke Amaya. It only had a single player mode but it featured the usual 2D platform graphics and centered around a protagonist who woke up in a cave and later discovered the plot to rule the world by the Doctor. The protagonist then went through levels and adventures in an attempt to thwart the Doctor's plans and save the world.

The storyline and the nature of the game were what won the gamers' hearts and "Cave Story+" is expected to raise the bar. Eurogamer reports that it will come with "a few bonus stages that were never seen before" and Nicalis has teased that there will be a few surprises within the game.

The co-op mode will come late summer and gamers will be able to avail of it for free.