Atheist releases 'Me & Dog' to counter Christian book 'Heaven Is For Real'

An atheist has written and published a children's book entitled "Me & Dog" in response to the popular Christian book, "Heaven Is for Real," which is based on a true story of a boy's journey to heaven and back.

Weingartena wrote for the Washington Post: "Depending on how you choose to read it, 'Me & Dog' is either: 1. A sweet little book about a boy who goes on a walk with his dog, and accidentally steps on the dog's tail, and the dog apologizes because it has an adorable, fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of existence; or 2. An insidious, deviant little parable brainwashing vulnerable innocents into doubting the existence of God."

Author Gene Weingartena's book was written to counter the best-selling "Heaven Is For Real" Christian book, which was adapted for all ages and became a New York Times bestseller.

"Heaven is Real for Kids" also landed at number one in the children's picture books category of the New York Times Best Seller List. It is a simplified version of the original book, "Heaven is Real," that was also a New York Times bestseller in the paperback nonfiction list.

The books tell of Colton Burpo and his account of Heaven as experienced when he underwent emergency surgery on a burst appendix at the age of four.

The movie "Heaven Is For Real" was released earlier this year. The movie about a four-year-old boy's visit to Heaven has defied the sceptics who thought it would take in no more than around $40 million.

The film raked in around $100 million, exceeding all expectations.