'WWE 2K15' roster, wrestlers confirmed: Hulk Hogan Special Edition, but no Goldberg

Good news for all WWE fans, the names of the wrestlers that will grace your screen in the coming "WWE 2K15" are confirmed. Although this is still a partial list, it will give you a good idea of what you can expect from the game.

In games like "WWE 2K15," updating fans with the roster is essential, as most people who play these games are wrestling fans. Suffice to say, they are in it for their favorite wrestlers to slam and beat each other up. Hence, making a roster for WWE games is crucial.

There are still so many wrestlers who haven't joined the roster of the WWE games, so fans expect quite a lot of names to still be included. Here's a list of the confirmed names so far, according to WhatCulture:

There's Adrian Nevile, a wrestler known for his high-flying moves. There's Eva Marie from WWE Divas, the beautiful Diva who lacks the ability to wrestle in the ring. There's Lanny Poffo, a wrestler from the WWF days. There's Rusey and Lana, the current WWE monster and his manager. There's Stardust, a wrestler who's being built up to feud against Goldust. There's Harper and Rowan, the very popular tag team in WWE today.

Also, there's Emma, a WWE Diva who knows her way around the ring. There's Bo Dallas, a NXT fighter. There's Adam Rose, a very interesting WWE wrestler. There's Paige, the previous WWE Divas Champion. There's Brad Wyatt, who is believed to have one of the "biggest success stories of WWE," and there's Sting, just because he is awesome and would make a great selling point.

Meanwhile, there will also be Hulk Hogan Special Edition. Hogan confirmed this himself on Twitter when he mentioned that he was done signing 3,000 posters that took 14 hours long... there's still 22,000 to go. Attack of the Fanboy believes that John Cena haters might prefer buying Hulk's edition.

Moreover, Goldberg will not be seen in "WWE 2K15" - the wrestler confirmed it himself via Twitter as well. A fan asked him if he will be part of the game and he replied "If I'm not mistaken, I'm not even in the game." Goldberg was included in "WWE 2K14."

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