Willow Creek Slams Tullian Tchivijian: He Should Not Be In Ministry

Willow Creek Church has said the disgraced pastor Tullian Tchivijian should not be in ministry. 

Facebook/Tullian Tchividjian

Kevin Labby, senior pastor at Willow Creek where Tchivijian used to minister, released a statement on Thursday saying the grandson of Billy Graham needs to "pursue healing and renewal" before thinking about any return to ministry. It comes after one of the women Tchivijian had an affair with alleged he "groomed" her.

Labby wrote Willow Creek's leadership was "deeply grieved" by the allegation and have "profound gratitude" for the people who have come forward, according to Warren Throckmorton.

"I read their accounts multiple times through tears," he wrote. "My prayer is that they will receive the necessary care to move forward, and toward that end we continue to offer earnest prayers and full support."

He went on to say "in the clearest possible terms" that Willow Creek's leadership "do not believe that Mr. Tchividjian should be in any form of public or vocational ministry.

"Rather, inasmuch as he is truly repentant and in accordance with his membership vows, we would urge him to immediately return to his church of membership, submit to its leadership, and pursue healing and renewal through repentance in the context of his local church to the glory of God and for the good of the broader Church and her witness to the world."

Tchividjian was fired from Willow Creek after an "unconfessed affair with another woman". He previously was deposed from ministry Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church after he and his wife both admitted extra-marital affairs.

Tchividjian has now remarried and has a new book contract with David C. Cook publishing.

He also spoke at Spring Hills Community Church earlier this month.