WATCH: Comedian Tracey Ullman's Hilarious Take On A Christian's Job Interview


A nervous job interviewer asks: 'You're...a Christian?' in a new sketch by Tracy UllmanBBC/ Youtube

Should you mention your faith in a job interview? It could make things awkward.

The popular, multi-award-winning comedian Tracey Ullman's new BBC show features a sketch exploring the awkwardness of talking about Christian faith in public.

The job interview looks to have been a great success, until Ullman's character mentions her faith, saying: 'As a Christian...'

The comment sparks sudden awkwardness from the interviewer. ' don't seem to mention it anywhere here,' he says.

'Why would I?' she responds. 'I'm not planning to run your polymer factory along biblical lines.'

The sketch continues elaborating on the British awkwardness about the applicant's faith, and the employers' fear that the Christian applicant, despite being excellently qualified, might be 'a bit weird'.

Ullman's frustrated job applicant remarks: 'It's funny isn't it, it's been perfectly normal to be a Christian in this country for the last 1500 years or so, but now, well...'

When Ullman's character leaves, the two interviewers turn to each other.

'Lucky escape,' one says.

The other responds: 'Yeah, what a nutter.'

Tracey Ullman's Show is now in its second series, and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. The star was the first woman in the US or UK to be offered her own sketch show, The Tracey Ullman Show, in 1987.