Ty Rhame's explosive entrepreneurial hacks for business success

(Unsplash/Štefan Štefančík)

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If you are serious about becoming a success in the world of business, it is essential to be proactive. Nobody was ever successful by waiting around for success to happen to them. You have to go out and get what you want. I have found the key is to improve and enhance your business acumen. This means you need learn the process of being an entrepreneur and become a student of its many facets.

My experience says an important first step is surround yourself with good and smart people. People that know things you don't and have unique perspectives. There are a lot of things that have to go right, and you are best off taking advice from experts who have been there. This is why you need to follow the examples of successful businessmen like Ty Rhame in order to achieve your success. You can shortcut a great deal of learning from your own experience by leveraging the success of those that you admire.

Choose Who You Hire Carefully

Be deliberate in deciding the sorts of people you are going to hire for the business. Contemplate the culture you want to develop and make sure that your hires will naturally help this culture grow. People will ultimately drive the culture an attitude of your business, so choose who to hire very carefully. Character and experience will be the primary drivers of the people you hire, and they will bring that with them into your business. Ty recommends taking your time to hire the right people, taking the time to develop their talents and character but also recognizing if a hire is a mistake and rectifying it.

Work on Your Leadership Skills

Spend time working on your own leadership will always pay off in the end. Feedback is probably the best way to learn more about your leadership style and then make decisions on what you want to change. A mentor once said "if all you have is a hammer, then every problem is a nail". Learn to be flexible in your approach and look for opportunities to learn new skills in motivating and making your employees successful. Remember that extrinsic rewards (money, titles, etc.) are the shortest lived and most fleeting. An employee that feels good about their tasks, feels valued for their contributions and sees a future with the company are the happiest and most productive.

Make Constant Improvement a Way of Life

Once you achieve a level of success, it is easy to become content and grow stale. Always look for better ways to do things. A new idea or approach may not seem good at the start, but learn to give new ideas a chance, you can always go back, but a missed opportunity forward could mean taking a step closer to mediocrity. Even when you understand what it takes to launch and then run a successful company, you should always be looking at ways of improving your approach as an entrepreneur.

Understand That Failure is Part of Success

You need to understand that failure is part of the process of becoming successful. Rhame suggests that risks should be considered opportunities, and there is a lot to be said for this. Anybody who has ever had any sort of success has also failed as well, so learn not to get discouraged. Failure can be a tough teacher, but failure always points out what you do not know and what skills you lack, and illuminating our shortcomings so we can make a decision about them is some of the most valuable knowledge on the planet.

Becoming a success in the world of business is never easy, so come to grips that the task is hard and the road long. You also need to remember that entrepreneurial success is the most satisfying in the world. The fulfillment that comes from happy customers, happy employees and the ability to impact the world is immeasurable. Leaders like Ty Rhame are influential because they have cracked this code and it drives their goals and decision making. The success you seek is out there, and it is yours to make happen.