Trump defends Roy Moore from sexual misconduct allegations: 'He totally denies it'

Donald Trump has defended Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore amid allegations against the Republican legislator of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

'He denies it. He totally denies it. That's all I can say,' the US President said yesterday when asked about his stance on Moore, as he left the White House ahead of a Thanksgiving break, according to The Telegraph.

Trump took the opportunity to draw attention to Moore's Democrat opponent, Doug Jones: 'I can tell you one thing for sure, we don't need a liberal democrat in that seat. We don't need a liberal person in there.'

US President Donald Trump defended Roy Moore from allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.Reuters

Roy Moore is accused of sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old, and with five other teenage girls while he was a lawyer in his thirties. He has denied the allegations. Several Congressional Republicans have called for Moore to step down from the senate race, though some conservative evangelical allies of Moore have also been vocal in their support for him and their dismissal of the allegations.

High-profile evangelical and president of Samaritan's Purse Franklin Graham tweeted: 'The hypocrisy of Washington has no bounds. So many denouncing Roy Moore when they are guilty of doing much worse than what he has been accused of supposedly doing. Shame on those hypocrites.'

The President has also faced several allegations of sexual misconduct, all of which he has denied. When asked about the spate of women coming out with allegations of sexual harassment at the hands of men, in both the halls of Washington and of Hollywood, Trump said: 'Women are very special. I think it's a very special time, a lot of things are coming out and I think that's good for our society and I think it's very, very good for women and I'm very happy.'