'Transformers 5' movie cast rumors: Megan Fox back with Mark Wahlberg?

Wikimedia Commons

If you look back at the first Transformers movie, the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons go on as many know from the animated series of long time ago. But of course all that has changed with Michael Bay's tutelage and who could ever forget how Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox hit it well that resulted in their rise to popularity.

Fox left due to differences with Michael Bay and the last one saw LaBeouf exit in favor of Mark Wahlberg. LaBeouf has had his share of tough times but Fox has simply been silent in the background. However if rumors persist, Fox could be back in 'Transformers 5' especially with Bay taking a step back and possibly resigned to the production team.

Of course, all these are rumors for now but if Bay does indeed exit the director's chair, it is apparent that a return by the luscious Megan Fox would make sense.

Fox last appeared in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' which fared pretty well. Megan appeared in the first and second Transformers movie but eventually exited come the third installment.

To recall, the last Transformers movie showed a bit of a reboot with Mark Wahlberg at the helm. Although tying it up with other sequels could make it easier to make sense, that would mean casting Shia once again which at this point seems a bit cloudy considering the state he is in right now.

Then again, there is still time since production for 'Transformers 5' is still in the early stages before anyone can make presumptions on what to expect.

But if Megan Fox does come back and star with Mark Wahlberg, 'Transformers 5' should have a solid lead cast to look forward to.