Thy Kingdom Come: Prayers for the world

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, is joining a global call to prayer today.

Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Fred Hiltz.Anglican Church of Canada

Today marks day six in the Archbishop of Canterbury's Thy Kingdom Come initiative, a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to Christ.

Hiltz invites us to pray with him with a series of prayer points regarding major issues that we can visibly see going on in the world today.

'Gracious and generous God, almighty and ever merciful. We turn to you with our care and concern for your world. So many of your children are worrying about the future of this fragile earth, our common home. So many children are suffering through the trauma of war, so many refugees, some living in camps for many years.

'So many others on the run, all clinging to the hope of welcome in a new land. So many are malnourished, some are even starving to death. So many are victims of trafficking for labours exploiting their dignity as human beings.

'So many are so neglected, that they know not the health and happiness you will for their lives. Teach those who have so much, to have a heart for the poor and be diligent in building societies where there is enough for all.

'Help us to walk more humbly with you, make us to be servants of your kindness and justice. Grant us grace to order our lives and work in the gospel of your dear Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.'

He further went on to express how happy those in Canada are to be a part of the Thy Kingdom Come initiative.

'It is a wonderful way for us all throughout the world to be keeping this time between the day when we remember Jesus commissioning his disciples to carry the Gospel to all the world,' he says in the clip.

'We aim to do exactly what the first disciples did, and that is to gather and to pray – and to pray with expectation.'

He adds: 'For the coming of the Holy Spirit to strengthen us as it did them for the work in which we are called in Jesus' name.

Hiltz concluded with Canada's contribution to the Thy Kingdom Come initiave especially with being committed to the mission.

He said: 'We are keeping this wave of prayer in a very particular way, with prayers of special intent for ministries to which our whole church. Local and national is deeply committed in the service of God's mission and we invite you to become an active part with us of this great wave of Prayer.'