Ten photographers using their talents for God's glory

Christian Aid

Ten photo journalists are auctioning off their work to raise awareness for the work of international development agency Christian Aid.

The photographs, each taken on assignment for Christian Aid, are up for auction with reserve prices starting from £500 for a signed print, and mark the 70th anniversary of the organisation.

Joseph Cabon, senior photographic editor at Christian Aid, explained that photography was a powerful tool for social change.

"Over our 70 year history we have had the privilege of working with some of the world's most prestigious photographers to highlight the challenges faced by poor communities around the word," he said.

"The use of 'social documentary' photography is a vital tool in allowing us to convey powerful messages, while maintaining the dignity of those whose stories we are trying to tell.

"These great photographers are adept at determining not only that there may be a story to be told in a place and time but also that many more stories may be discovered, seen or imagined. They are skilled at turning chaotic, disordered scenes into photographs that convey loss, heartbreak, happiness and much more. By using a sharp sense of context, the inherent movement and the tensions within a scene, photographs are made that are loaded with significance. They are small tools for changing the world."

You can watch a short video about the photographers and their work here