Teaser trailer released for movie adaptation of 'Redeeming Love'

Photo of Abigail Cowen as "Angel" in the motion picture Redeeming Love, 2020(Photo: COPYRIGHT 2020 REDEEMING LOVE HOLDING LLC All Rights Reserved)

Fans of the popular Christian novel Redeeming Love have been treated to a sneak peek of the new movie adaptation coming out next year. 

The movie is based on the bestselling book by Francine Rivers, which has sold over three million copies worldwide. 

The movie version is being produced by Roma Downey, creator of The Bible TV show, and stars Abigail Cowen as protagonist "Angel". 

Christian movie fans may remember Cowen from her supporting role as "Adrienne" in I Still Believe, the movie out earlier this year about Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his late first wife Melissa. 

The teaser trailer for Redeeming Love shows the cast and crew on set near Cape Town, South Africa, and shares the testimony of one set member, who says: "I'm not a Christian and this book makes me want to believe."

Co-producer, Cindy Bond, who worked on another hit Christian movie, I Can Only Imagine, said the book had "literally changed countless lives." 

"And this movie will change, I believe, even substantially more lives," she says. 

Redeeming Love is an allegory of the book of Hosea.  It tells the story of Angel, who is tragically sold into prostitution as a child in Gold Rush California.  She has all but given up on life when she meets Michael Hosea, who is determined to love her no matter how many times she rejects him. 

Hosea is to be played by Tom Lewis, an English actor who was seen on the small screen last year in the BBC's LGBT drama Gentleman Jack

The movie is being directed by DJ Caruso, who told the Deadline website: "While many are victims of horrible circumstances that will haunt them forever, some characters are able to overcome the pain, the sorrow and the brutality to discover how remarkable they truly are.

"Angel's journey reminds us that healing happens through love and acceptance, never through judgment or force."