'The Sims 4' cheat codes for baking and photography skills

In the latest expansion of Electronic Arts for its hugely popular simulation game "The Sims 4," players can now take up baking and photography as hobbies, and levelling up will allow them to build bakeshops and photo studios. 


The Sims 4 website

The Baking skill can be upgraded by players using the oven for baking. As players bake, their skills increase, resulting in unlocking baked goods and cupcake items for both the oven and the Cupcake Factory. Also, reading all three books about baking that can be accessed via the computer or bookcase can increase the baking skill. Reaching level 10 in baking will net the player a "Piece of Cake" achievement award. 

However, with the new patch, there is a cheat code that players who don't want to waste time levelling up but wish to open a bakeshop right away can use. On the cheat window (Ctrl+Shift+C on PC), the player must type stats.set_skill_level Major_Baking 10. This will max out the baking skill. The number at the end of the cheat code corresponds to the level for the skill, and can be changed accordingly. 

In having a Bakery, the player only needs a cash register and baked goods to sell in the store. To control the items that could be sold, they just need to click the baked item and mark it "For Sale," and then open the Store by clicking the cash register. 


The Sims 4 website

For photographers, they can choose from three camera items in the game. There is the Barely Better Digital Camera, Crystal Clear Digital Camera, and the Appreciably Average Digital Camera. In order to level up the skills, players can take lots of pictures of Sims in-game or, to earn cash at the same time, set up a Photo Studio and take studio shots. Maxed out levels of photography skills is at level 10 and will earn the player a "Picture Perfect" achievement. 

For the cheat code, players need to type on the cheat console the following: type stats.set_skill_level Major_Photography 10. As with the baking skill, the number corresponds to the level, and can be changed. 

To set up a studio is very much like building a retail store, with a cash register and photo equipment. The higher priced cameras can be invested on so that the quality of photos will also increase, and the players can sell them for much higher prices.