Simple tips that can help people eat healthier


It's hard enough to convince ourselves to go on a diet, and it's even harder to maintain that diet. However, dietitians and nutritionists believe the secret to eating healthier is as simple as making good food more accessible.

The reason why many people opt for a bag of potato chips instead of fruits and vegetables is because the former is fuss-free while the latter requires more effort to prepare. By chopping fruits and vegetables beforehand and packing them in neat containers, health experts believe the mind will be tricked into eating healthier.

"Put healthy food where you can see it [in the fridge] and keep foods you want to cut back on in the fridge drawers," Katie Serbinski, the registered dietitian behind Mom to Mom Nutrition, told the Huffington Post. "You can even go a step further and store healthy foods in clear containers or bags, so you can easily see and grab them without having to rinse or wash, assuming that step has been done ahead of time."

Google's global food program chef and operations manager Scott Giambastiani told the website it's important for them as well to have their employees maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, so they hide away junk food and make healthier foods more accessible.

"We focus on making it as easy as possible to make great choices by making the most nutritious foods highly visible, while indulgent options are just a little harder to find," he said. "Because we know hydration is important, water is the first thing you see in our refrigerators. Seasonal fruits are placed in bowls on open counters while packaged snacks and sweets are relegated to drawers or opaque jars."

Another tip that most health experts agree on is drinking lots of water. Sometimes, the body craves for food when in fact, the only thing it's missing is water. "Staying well-hydrated helps your body function properly, and it also helps make sure you don't overeat," Pam Bede, M.S., R.D. with Abbott's EAS Sports Nutrition, told SELF.