Reba McEntire credits faith for her success

Country star Reba McEntire discussed the importance of faith in her life in a recent interview.

The singer and actress said she relies on God to direct her steps, and credits Him for her professional success.

"[Faith] guides me on everything I do," she told FOX411.

"I ask for guidance, I ask the Lord to give me wisdom when I speak, when I think, and I always try to be positive and say nice things and it gives me strength throughout every minute and every day."

McEntire has released 27 studio albums over her 40-year career, and is one of the best-selling artists of all time. She has won more Academy of Country Music Top Female Vocalist Awards than any other singer, and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work on her eponymous sitcom, "Reba."

McEntire also starred in "Annie Get Your Gun" on Broadway. 

Her newest project is the album "Love Somebody," released on Tuesday. The album includes the single "Pray for Peace," which she said was inspired by a conversation with the Lord.

"It's a song that was started two to three years ago when I was out walking," she recounted. "My front yard is my church and that's where I go out and I talk to God... so 'Pray for Peace' came to my mind and I started praying for peace.

"A month or two later I'm like, 'Lord, what have you got in mind for me? What's my next project?'" she continued.

"And He said, 'I want you to pray for peace.'"

When she went into the studio to record the song she only had three words penned. However, the small start resulted in "the longest time I've ever spent on a song."

McEntire is also participating in the OutNumber Hunger campaign to combat starvation in the United States. The television special, "Reba and Friends Outnumber Hunger" while air on CMT on April 18.