'Pokemon X and Y' sequel Diancie, Volcanion, Hoopa Mega Evolutions

The Pokemon community is so excited with the coming of "Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire." And the excitement continues to build as Nintendo keeps mum about the features of the game. Surely, this will keep Pokemon fans at the edge of their seats.

So, what do we currently know about "Pokemon: ORAS?" First, it is a sequel to "Pokemon X and Y." Next, there was news that leaked regarding the legendary trio Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa. The trio is rumored to obtain mega evolutions in "Pokemon: ORAS."

Diancie was the first one to be revealed as part of the new "Pokemon X and Y" game. GameFreak confirmed that Mega Diancie exists in "Pokemon: ORAS."This revelation made fans think that the other legendary Megas will be coming too.

According to IBT, all the information about Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa were leaked by a hacker named Smealum. The hacker also leaked photos of the trio and new attacks in the game. Further, Smealum also said that Mega Latios and Latias will be in the game.

In "Pokemon: ORAS" anything's possible. If a character isn't in the gen 6 games, it does not automatically mean that they won't be in the new game. Plus, with the updated versions to be released after the game premiers, there will be endless possibilities of Mega forms to be offered. And Nintendo can choose which one to release at whatever time they please.

It sure will be fun to see Mega Volcanion and Mega Hoopa in "Pokemon: ORAS" but as of now, everyone has to wait for further information. The thing is, the game will be inbalanced with it's only Mega Diancie who appears in the game. So surely, the other two might already be in the works already.

Pokemon fans just have to wait a bit longer, exactly next year, to really know what "Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" has to offer.