Paul Walker 'fake death' hoax enrages fans; insensitive 'alive' rumor swirls after bogus report

Insensitive hoax rumors that Paul Walker 'faked' his death has been circulating online and on social media.

The heartless hoax was written on a website called, which stated that the actor and crew pulled off a death hoax. This angered the late actor's fans, who took to Twitter to rant.

One user wrote: "People keep saying Paul Walker is alive.... why would he want to fake his own death?"

"I am so sick of seeing these stupid hoax things that Paul Walker is really alive. I wish he was still here but these sites need to quit lying."

Another wrote: "if you're one of those people who actually believe Paul Walker faked his own death and is still alive, please seek some mental help."

Paul Walker, 40, passed away tragically with driver Roger Rodas in a fiery car crash on November 30. The driver reportedly lost control of the Porsche Carrera GT before crashing into a tree and a pole. The single car accident.

Paul Walker was in the middle of filming the 7th installment of the Fast and Furious movie at the time of his sudden death.

Last week, Universal Studios has announced a new release date for the movie, which was expected to release in the summer of 2014. The movie will now open in theaters on April 10, 2015.

Universal stated: "Continuing the global exploits in the franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead the returning cast of Fast and Furious 7, which will be released by Universal Pictures on April 10, 2015. James Wan directs this chapter of the hugely successful series, and Neal H. Moritz and Vin Diesel return as producers."

Scenes that were filmed by Paul Walker will remain in the film but it is not known how his character Brian O'Conner will be written out.

Walker's brother Cody, 25, has been tapped to replace him in the film but it remains to be seen whether he will take up the offer.