Pastor Robert Jeffress Wants U.N. Abolished In A 'Heartbeat' For Asking Reparations For Slavery

Pastor Robert Jeffress asks, 'How do you calculate the financial penalty for injustices that my great-grandfather committed against somebody else's great-grandfather?'(Screenshot/First Baptist Church video)

"Abolish the United Nations."

That was the quick reaction from Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas after a U.N. committee demanded that Americans pay reparations for their nation's history of slavery and oppression, The Christian Post reports.

The pastor said the proposed reparations appear more like a "shakedown." As such, he said he would be ready to see the U.N. abolished "in a heartbeat."

Jeffress acknowledged that America has indeed suffered from racial injustice, saying that the Southern Baptist Convention has already issued an apology for its role in segregation and slavery in the past.

"But how do you calculate the financial penalty for injustices that my great-grandfather committed against somebody else's great-grandfather?" Jeffress said in a recent interview with Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

"I would like some reparations from the British people for what King George did to my forefathers. Let's just go ahead and start paying out to everybody," the pastor said.

Earlier this week, The Washington Post reported that the U.N.'s working group of experts on people of African descent submitted its report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, asking for the U.S. government to start repaying for the injustices that black Americans suffered through.

"In particular, the legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge, as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent," the report said.

"Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching," it added.

Jeffress said America need not be subservient to the U.N. He lamented though that the nation has liberal politicians who think that the U.S. should be more submissive to the world body. He said this could be one of the questions that people should answer with their votes in the presidential election this November.

Regarding the police shootings in America that led to racial tensions this year, Jeffress pointed out that this should spark a change in people's attitude toward law enforcement, citing the five police officers who were assassinated in Dallas alone.

Other evangelical leaders, including the Rev. Franklin Graham, have also raised the alarm that America appears to be on the edge of anarchy due to the shootings and protests in several cities.

Graham called for calm in the midst of the chaos.