'One Piece' chapter 868 sees Big Mom assassination plot resume as show switches back to current timeline

"One Piece" episode 788 sees Big Mom in rage, as her cravings go insane.Facebook/One Piece

"One Piece" chapter 868 is expected to return to the current timeline after a couple of flashback chapters. With the story once again back on track, it will only mean the continuation of the plot to assassinate the Yonko, Big Mom.

Chapter 867 revealed just how strong Big Mom is even when she was still Linlin Charlotte. Abandoned by her parents out of fear on the land of Elbaf, a nun named Mother Caramel took the young Linlin under her care.

As readers now know, it was far from a happy ending with Linlin ending up being sold as a slave, albeit unknowingly. When she realized this, it was too late and everyone, including Mother Caramel, was gone.

While Big Mom's backstory could go one, the flashback could very well have been concluded in chapter 867. "One Piece" chapter 868 will probably return to the current timeline where Luffy and Capone Bege are preparing the final blow to finish their assassination of the Yonko.

However, whether she will die or not is completely up to Eiichiro Oda. While there is a possibility that Luffy could succeed in bringing down Big Mom, failure is slowly becoming the likely result judging from what was revealed in the previous chapter.

The flashback was shown to reveal the circumstances of Big Mom; however, it also revealed her strength. At a young age, she was able to fatally injure Lord Yorle Fallbeard in her rampage and there's no doubt her power would have grown during the time before she became one of the Yonko.

Of course, there is also a possibility that the flashback chapters will continue with "One Piece" chapter 868 and readers will find out what happened to Mother Caramel. However, the former is more likely, unless Oda is a fan of flashbacks.

Chapter 868 will be released on June 12.