Mike Huckabee tells Obama: 'Radical Islamic terrorism is a much greater threat than a sunburn'

Mike Huckabee says President Barack Obama's blindness to global terrorism is 'beyond baffling.'Reuters

It is no secret that Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is not satisfied with the performance of U.S. President Barack Obama.

This time, he is criticising him for being a "weather-obsessed meteorologist-in-chief" rather than a stern leader focused on the fight against global terrorism.

"President Obama's national security priorities are dangerous," he writes in an op-ed piece for Fox News. "Two weeks after terrorist attacks rocked Paris, he is visiting France, not to focus on fighting global terrorism, but to tackle the global warming 'security imperative.'"

Huckabee points out that the federal government can control borders, military assets, critical airspace, and American intelligence—but not the weather. He added that they can kill Islamic terrorists and radical ISIS murderers as well, but in order to do so, America needs "a president focused on what we can control, not fixated on weather patterns which we cannot."

"Obama's obsession with global, utopian collaboration and building a personal climate change legacy has made him allergic to common sense. Meanwhile, the real 'security imperative' keeps metastasising," warns Huckabee.

He says he's very concerned that ISIS keeps swelling in size and power, but Obama still has no strategy to counter it. Huckabee even sarcastically noted that Obama might take ISIS seriously if he found out that they do not recycle.

"In the Syrian city of Raqqa, which serves as the ISIS capital, Islamic radicals have established a treasury department with an elaborate system of taxes, public services and real estate rental agreements. Between oil production, smuggling, antiquity dealing and kidnapping, ISIS is building a comprehensive infrastructure," Huckabee says. "What will it take for Obama to wake up to this menace?"

Huckabee says America's cyber defences are vulnerable and the White House seems to allow security breaches carelessly, which is why America might be the next terror target since illegal immigrants continue to cross the country's borders and immigrants overstay their visas each year.

"Now more than ever, America needs a commander-in-chief focused on the global war on terrorism. Instead we have a community organiser focused on global warming. Obama's blindness is beyond baffling, it's dangerous. It shouldn't take another Paris attack for this White House to open its eyes: radical Islamic terrorism is a much greater threat than a sunburn," he says.