Justin Bieber has brand new tattoos - and they have a deep Christian message

It's been a big week.

Above and beyond Brexit beginning, Trump-Russia revelations and Mike Pence's dinner-habits, Justin Bieber has revealed he has some new tattoos.

A topless selfie lying in bed showed a roaring lion had been added to the left hand side of his chest adorned with a jauntily angled crown that had been there before.

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The feline addition joins a bear on the other side of his chest and an eagle on his abdomen that he unveiled last week.

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But other than a love for all God's creatures great and small, is there something more significant going on with Bieber's tatt selection?

The lion wearing a crown immediately brings connotations of the Narnia chronicles with the great lion Aslan symbolising Jesus.

As he is a firm Christian, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume Bieber realised the connection.

But beyond that the bear and the eagle are also both key creatures in the Narnia series.

Eagles are depicted as intelligent and very loyal to Aslan. Two unnamed eagles were presented at the council and also the coronation of the first king and queen of Narnia in The Magician's Nephew.

In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, it was an eagle who rescued Edmund from the White Witch's camp and Farsight, the chief eagle, played a key role in the final fight in The Last Battle.

Similarly Bears are also depicted as very loyal to Aslan.

Brown bears in particular are seen as strong but gentle and also wise.

They regularly played a key role in fights against evil and appeared throughout the books.

Under the White Witch's rule they suffered terrible and travelled to Aslan's camp to fight with him overpowering the queen.

Later when the Telmarines invaded the bears fled again and spent the next 300 years in exile before coming to join Prince Caspian when he fought against his uncle King Miraz.

Finally in The Last Battle they fought with the Narnians against the Calormenes as the Narnia chronicles ended

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