Justin Bieber leads worship at Judah Smith's church

Justin Bieber recently co-led a worship set at the church of his best friend, Judah Smith. 

He teamed up with Chandler Moore of Maverick City Music for the set at Churchome, which is based in Kirkland, Washington state. 

They performed Jesus Culture's "How He Loves" and Maverick's own song "Jireh", but also "Where Do I Fit In", which comes from Bieber's recently released gospel EP, Freedom

During the set, Bieber thanked Jesus for the gift of life and His presence, and also the gift of music. 

"Your presence changes everything ... You designed us with a plan and a purpose," he said. 

He also prayed for people in the congregation.

"We pray for your peace right now to fill this room; peace be still," he said.

"I speak peace to every single person's mind in this room. Any turmoil that you're facing, any turmoil that you are facing, I bind it in the name of Jesus. Fear is not welcomed here. Shame is not welcomed here."

But he also prayed for himself, that God would use him despite his "brokenness, humanness ... pain and struggle to change the world" and "help people."

Bieber is a member of Churchome and has been friends with Smith for years. Last year, Smith baptized Bieber and his wife Hailey in a lake and he recently livestreamed a sermon on the pop star's Instagram.

The pastor also made an appearance in Bieber's recent YouTube documentary, Next Chapter, where he led a marriage counselling session with him and Hailey.