Joyce Meyer Celebrates 50 Years of Love-Filled Marriage With Husband Dave

Joyce and Dave Meyer celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.(Facebook/Joyce Meyer Ministries)

Charismatic Christian speaker and author Joyce Meyer celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband, Dave, last Sunday.

The couple celebrated their special day with their children and posted a photo of the occasion on Joyce's Facebook page. "Out celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with our children!" she captioned the photo.

Dave Meyer, the vice president of Joyce Meyer Ministries, has worked in full-time ministry for nearly 30 years, according to The Christian Post. Joyce credits her husband for keeping her ministry intact, thanks to his financial savvy and administration know-how.

Joyce has not been shy in speaking about her love for her husband. She is grateful that her husband is faithful to her. Even when she points at pretty women on the street, he would only reply, "I don't know. I don't pay any attention to any women other than you."

Joyce is also appreciative of the fact that her husband is always quick to forgive. Even though she is often late, Dave is very patient and knows how to care for her. After a long day's work, Dave would offer to do the dishes and tell her to rest, Joyce said.

"He tells me every day he loves me. He hugs me and compliments me on my clothes or the way that I look. I never preach a message that he doesn't tell me, 'That was a great message,'" she shared.

Joyce said her husband is a real man because he does not feel threatened by what she does. In fact, she said her husband is happy to be doing what he believes the Lord has asked him to do.

"He is very stable emotionally, he is never, almost never grouchy, takes good care of himself physically. He's very protective of me. I always feel safe when I'm with Dave," she added.

"In every situation in life, there's good things that people do and there's things that you don't like. And one of the ways that we can display love is by keeping a record of the good things and not keeping a record of the bad things."