Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard enjoy quality time together before baby's arrival

(Photo: Instagram/Jill Dillard)

During their last two months as a family of two, expectant parents Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard are spending some quality time together.

The 19 Kids and Counting pair, who will be welcoming their first child into the world in March, had a dinner date at a local P.F. Chang's Sunday night.

The glowing mum-to-be posted a photo of herself and her husband of seven months on Instagram with the caption, "#datenight with my amazing hubby @derickdillard #soinlove #19kids #PFChangs #jillmdillard".

The first-time parents, who have nicknamed their soon-to-be-born son Baby Dilly, were nothing short of thrilled when they learned they were expecting.

"We were super excited," Jill told Us Weekly after explaining how she took three pregnancy tests before getting a positive result. "We prayed together and thanked God for this new little life. I was screaming and everything."

Referring to her husband, Jill added, "He was like, 'Don't get too excited! You might stress out the baby or something.' He's so cute. He's so sweet."

The couple, who were wed on June 21 last year, announced the pregnancy a little over two months after tying the knot.

Asked why they shared the news so early, Jill explained, "Believing that life begins at conception and that every life is precious no matter how young, we would—even if there were to be a miscarriage—we would still want that child to be recognized."

The reality stars have also disclosed that they "weren't going to prevent having children."

"I have loved having lots of brothers and sisters," Jill said about having 18 siblings. "Although Derick comes from a family with just one brother, both of us would love to have as many children as God will give us."

The couple also said they are open to the possibility of adoption.

Meanwhile, the sweethearts are counting down the days to Baby Dilly's birth. Jill regularly posts pictures of her growing baby bump.

On January 4, parents Jim Bob and Michelle shared a photo of their 23-year-old daughter Jill showing her at 28 weeks along.

"Sweet picture of our Jill and her little one! At this point in gestation, there is now a 90% chance that he could survive outside the womb. Life is beautiful. We can't wait to meet this boy!" the excited grandparents captioned the picture.