iPhone 6 release date, specs, features: Android-sized screen and LiquidMetal case for Apple's next smartphone? [PHOTO]

The iPhone 6 concept by DeviantArt user iNasko

The iPhone 5S and 5C have been big hits for Apple but fans are already eyeballing 2014 for the release of the iPhone 6. 

This topnotch smartphone is expected to go much bigger with its display size, with Apple possibly opting to create a phablet. 

It's a move that could steal away Samsung owners who have been loyal to the Galaxy smartphones precisely because of their more ample displays which make viewing and browsing much more comfortable.

It was a disappointment to some Apple fans that the company didn't already make that leap with the iPhone 5S, instead sticking with the cramped 4-inch screen - a full inch smaller than its rivals.   

There is speculation that the iPhone 6 will be launching in the first quarter of next year, possibly March.  

March has popped up on the radar because it was originally the launch month for the iPad but Apple ditched its hitherto calendar when it released its last iPad in October 2012.  

Apple could also choose to make the iPhone 6 superfast by combining a 64-bit processor with a M7 chip, and ramp up the storage to 128GB.  

Patently Apple reports that the casing could be made of new LiquidMetal after four patents for the technology were filed by Apple in Europe.  

The LiquidMetal technology would allow the casing to be extremely durable and the patent mentions a fastener that would make the device harder to tamper with.

There are reports elsewhere that Apple will shift from A7 to A8 processing chips using 20nm nodes.

DeviantArt user iNasko created a cool iPhone 6 concept with a 5-inch screen display that would take the iPhone much closer to the iPad design.  

iNasko explained: "For a long time I have been thinking how the next iPhone could be different from the 5, so people won't be complaining, and then I figured that the iPad (2010) offered a great design, which would also fit a phone. So, taking heavy inspiration from the first iPad, this is a concept for an iPhone with a bigger 5" screen."