Interview: Krystal Meyers - Dying for a Heart

|PIC1|When Krystal Meyers first broke into the music scene in 2005, she was just 16. As a mouthpiece for her generation, she brought out the anthem "Anti-conformity"- a Godly-rebellion- with the U.S. release of her self-titled debut album.

Since then, Krystal has garnered a Dove Award nomination for New Artist of the Year, had three Top 10 singles ("The Way To Begin", "My Savior", and "Anticonformity"), and performed before more than 400,000 people.

Her music was used as a medium to reveal God's Word all around the world, including a country that has less than 1 per cent of Christians - Japan. Her song "Anticonformity" hit #1 on mainstream charts in Japan, which led her to visit the country herself and meet thousands who have been inspired by her songs.

Now 18, Krystal readies to shake the ground once again with her second album Dying for a Heart. In this interview with Christian Today, Krystal talks about her new album, her experience with Japan, and how she's grown since embarking on her music career.

How was the Japan tour?

That was just so much fun, oh my goodness. It's so cool to be around the Japanese people. There's something so refreshing about their culture. They're very soft-spoken and respectful towards one another. You don't have to know each other, but they're just so full of respect and love towards one another. It's just really cool to experience. And it's also a different story there than it is here. It's mainstream... your audience can be a lot more broad. It was just cool to be there and get to bring the Word into a place where there's less than 1 per cent of Christians.

Were you able to share your faith with the Japanese?

I had a translator. In my interviews, they asked about my faith, and I wasn't shy about it at all. They asked me, "what is 'Fire' about?," and there's not even a way to go around that! It's being on fire for God. What He has done for you, and His love. The cool thing is, they're not stand-offish about that. They're willing to learn, and they get excited about what my faith is and what it means to me. It's really cool.

What was their general reaction when you talked about Christianity?

They were interested. It's kind of one of those things where they keep asking more questions. They just want to know about it. God crosses all boundaries and waters, and He is using me to be able to do something, and I'm just so glad to be a part of it.

I get fan letters all the time, day after day. The label has to keep giving me all the letters and send gifts. I got one letter in particular from a girl, she started off with, 'I love your record, blah blah blah...' but when it got to the meat of the letter, she was just like, 'I just want to let you know that I was in a mental hospital for a long time, I'm clinically depressed. I get really really lonely each night and I cried myself to sleep.' And she said, 'ever since I got your record, I listen to it everyday, and it slowly calms me down. I don't know everything that you're singing about, but in your song, music, and your voice... there's this peace about them that calms me, and it's a breath of fresh air. There is a power behind your music.' She's like, 'Write me back and tell me what it is!'

Almost every single letter has the exact same reaction. 'I don't understand because of language barriers, but there's such a power behind your music.'

How cool is that? That's how God is using me over here. It's His ministry. He's the one who will reach out to all these people. I'm just so glad to be a tool for that.

What's behind the title of your new album, Dying For a Heart?

We had been looking for an album title for a while. We were kind of talking back and forth and then one of the girls from my label, my A&R Jordan, asked me, "What do you think about Dying for a Heart?" I liked it because it was edgy, and it had a double meaning. For the Christians, that's exactly what Jesus did for us. He died for all of our hearts. In a universal aspect, our hearts are always searching for a place we can call home, to find answers and peace. That's what the record is about, to provide it and become a pathway.

Does the anti-conformity theme continue on in this album?

Songs like 'The Situation' definitely carry on the anti-conformity theme. It's about pre-marital sex and stuff, not getting into the situation. If you are in it, you should escape and not take it the easy way, giving in to your flesh. Just kind of being 'anti-conformity' in that.

I listened to your album, and one of the songs that stood out was 'Beauty of Grace'. What is behind that song?

'Beauty of Grace' is actually the second single in the States. [The first single is 'Collide'] No matter the scars and the baggage that you have, there's grace and mercy in God's arms. I wanted to write it from an aspect of friend-to-friend. I have friends that are scared to open up and be vulnerable. They might think, 'I will push people away if they know this side of me or what I've done or what's been done to me.'

This song is saying, 'Hey, I love you, and God loves you. And God is the God of mercy and grace. He wants to give that to you. He doesn't care about your past.' It can also be taken from God's perspective. Either way, it's just talking about the love and grace that's in God's arms.

What's your favourite track on the album so far?

I really love 'The Situation' and I love 'The Beauty of Grace'. It shows a different side of me, a more intimate side - also with 'Hallelujah'.

How have you grown spiritually during your music career so far?

I've grown massively. Being on the road trained me to keep the hardcore relationship with God. It was hard to balance it at first, but the Lord got me back around and it showed me how important it is to be in daily communion with Him. He's grown me in a lot of spiritual aspects. I'm in an adult world out here, having to grow up and act like it. And taking the role that He's given me. I might be like, 'But I want to go out and be a normal teenager', but He's like 'You've got to do this today!' But just being excited about it. About life and what God has called me to do. Hardly anybody else that is a teenager gets this opportunity. I'm growing up in my ministry as well. Talking on the road, and being real and all that.

How far do you plan on taking the anti-conformity theme?

It's kind of one of those things that I'm not really sure of. God is the one who brought that up. 'Here this is what I want you to talk about.' I will always have my heart with anti-conformity.

What are your plans on touring this year?

I'll be out on Shoutfest again, hosting the side stage, and co-hosting some of the main stage. And I'll be going back to Japan for the second release. The release is 24 October there and 19 September here, so we have two releases to deal with- which will be awesome!