Inspired by the film 'War Room,' Sadie Robertson creates her own prayer room

Sadie Robertson has created her personal war room where she hopes to forge a more meaningful relationship with God.(Instagram/Sadie Robertson)

After watching the faith-based film "War Room" by the Kendrick brothers, "Duck Dynasty" star and Live Original teen Sadie Robertson felt so moved by the power of prayer that she created her very own war room where she intends to bow down her head in prayer and connect with God.

On her Instagram account (@legitsadierob), Sadie shared a photo of her prayer room, which she decorated with positive signs that say "Pray" and "Send it up to God." She decorated her space with dreamcatchers and placed a patterned rug and notebook where she can write down her thoughts.

"The movie War Room really inspired me—so here is mine. What a war room is all about is a room secluded from anything else—a room where its solely for you and God to talk," she captions the photo. "It is for you to prepare for the daily battles & struggles we all go through. For you to have a pre-day, mid-day or post-day talk or cry with God."

Sadie then encouraged her followers to do the same thing. She said people's personal war rooms need not be big or fancy. What is important is that Christians use the space they have chosen to talk to God without distractions and develop a stronger bond with Him.

"It is for you to find your identity in HIM! To find your strength in HIM! I encourage everyone to find a war room of your own. Maybe it's in your closet, maybe it's a little wooden camper, or maybe it's just in your car. Take that time out of your day to focus on the most important relationship in your life, and make it personal," she says.