Here's how Christians worldwide can help the persecuted faithful in the Middle East

Christians abandon their homes in Iraq to escape violence from Islamic State militants.Reuters

Think that humanitarian groups and big religious organisations are the only ones that can help persecuted Christians in the Middle East? Think again.

Roman Catholic Church leaders recently outlined ways on how ordinary citizens can extend assistance to Christians who cannot fully practice their faith in predominantly Muslim nations in the Middle East.

Chaldean Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil in northern Iraq, for instance, said prayers and raising awareness can go a long way for persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

"Pray for them. Tell their story. Raise awareness about persecution. Give aid," the archbishop said, as quoted by the Catholic News Agency.

On the political front, Archbishop Warda said Christians in the United States and in Canada can help their persecuted fellow faithful by exerting pressure on politicians "to really adjust the whole political vision of America, Canada and the Middle East."

Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus meanwhile suggested that Christians discuss the topic of persecution in the Middle East among their parishes, so that more people will be made aware of the plight of the faithful in Muslim-dominated nations.

"They [Christians] can speak out. They should talk with their parish. And they should pray," Anderson also told the Catholic News Agency.

He also maintained that Christians in conflict-torn areas still have every right to practice their faith in God.

"These communities that still speak the language of Jesus have the right to continue," Anderson said. "They must have equal rights."

Anderson however said that helping persecuted Christians in the Middle East should not just stop with prayers, aid and political actions. Ultimately, those who persecute them, including the terror group Islamic State (ISIS), should be held accountable for violating the human rights of Christians.

"The perpetrators of genocide must be brought to justice," he said.