'GTA 6' release date: rumors suggest time travel feature; is it the future or 1960s' London?

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"GTA 6" is another highly anticipated game. Game fans are really watching out for any news and rumors connected to the game, especially now that the last game was released almost three years ago. Fans are excited for its sixth installment, especially with the rumors of a London 1960s setting and a time travel feature.

Fans are speculating that the game setting will be in London, but in the 1960s. If this proves to be true, fans will be driving an armored pickup truck for the Executives, a mid-range race car and a dune buggy, not to mention that players will be wearing matching clothes connected to the era, Christian Daily reported.

The publication also added that teleportation may become a feature in the upcoming game and may bring a futuristic twist. The upcoming "GTA 6" is said to be featuring concept cars and futuristic-looking locations. It may be a big leap from what the franchise has been offering the fans, but anything can happen in the gaming world.

However, there are people who are taking "GTA" seriously, and analysts are suggesting the Rockstar may decide to go for San Diego,California. N4BB mentioned that the city has all the criteria for a perfect GTA city, with complete facilities and man-made and natural landscapes.

Many are also speculating that the reason behind the distant release date is because of the anticipation for the arrival of the next-generation gaming consoles, the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Two.

Previously, it was rumored that the next installment of "GTA" will be set in Tokyo, Japan, but it was shelved because of the intricate network of roads and other means of transportation included in the city. It was also mentioned that the game is taking this long because it will be "GTA: USA," where the whole Unites States will be turned into a playing field. It may sound ridiculous, but again, anything is possible.

"GTA 6" is widely believed to arrive between 2018 and 2020, but Take-Two Interactive, the game distributor, has remained quiet about the game, if it actually exists.