GoPro Hero 4: Launch of highly anticipated camera delayed to March 2015

One of the earlier versions of GoPro Hero cameras.Facebook

GoPro fans may have to wait for a while before its newest product will reach the shelves.

For several months, fans of the innovative extreme-action camera have been speculating that GoPro Hero 4 will be released in the market later this year. However, there are reports that are now surfacing that the supposed October 2014 release date has been delayed to March 2015.

Though the manufacturers never made an official announcement, the speculations stemmed because the earlier models like the GoPro Hero 2, GoPro Hero 3, as well as the GoPro Hero 3+ were all released in the latter part of the pervious years.

GoPro Hero 4 is widely anticipated by sports photographers and active individuals. It is rumored to feature a powerful 13MP camera, an improved lens, as well as a 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor. It can also record clear video footages with its 4k resolution at a whopping speed of 30 frames per second.

The camera, it has been speculated, could also come in black, silver, or white colors.

Despite the delay in the release of GoPro's latest product, the company is still doing well in Wall Street.

After it went public last June 27, GoPro's stocks went up as high as 180% from its IPO price point of $24.

Analysts believe that the stock of GoPro surged because of its self-marketing strategy. Users of this small camera can capture whatever they are doing and upload it in social media sites like YouTube. Videos that were posted online can easily capture the interest of other people, prompting them to buy their own units.

In 2013 alone, the active camera's sales almost reached a total of $1 billion.

Once the GoPro Hero 4 is released – and the new camera's additional features like HDR WDR tone mapping, electronic image stabilizer, improved MCTF as well as a waterproof housing and flat lens that could be useful for a 60-meter deep underwater shooting – the sales for the camera brand will definitely surge further.