'Dragon Ball Super' episode 65 spoilers, plot news: Zeno to help Goku and Vegeta?

A screenshot of the Omni-King from "Dragon Ball Super"YouTube/Toei Animation

"Dragon Ball Super" will return with episode 64 tomorrow, Oct. 30, but there is also already excitement in episode 65, which is titled "Final Judgement?! The Supreme God's Ultimate Power."

At first glance, one would think that Supreme God is a reference to Zeno, also known as the Omni-King, who, despite his deceiving looks, is actually one of the most powerful characters in the "Dragon Ball" universe.

The King of the 12 universes could easily match (or outmatch) Zamasu and Goku Black. The title of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 suggests that the King of Everything might help the heroes in the fight.

The leaked title of episode 67 suggests that this will actually happen. The said episode is as per, DB-Z.com, called "The Supreme King appears Zamasu-kun, in fact, you'll disappear!"

This suggests Goku will seek the king's help. The timing is interesting, though, seeing that this happens after "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66, which is titled "The last major turnaround appears Vegito."

This means that, as media outlets reported, Goku and Vegeta will fuse at some point to combat the fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 64 and 65.

However, the fact that Zeno will join the party after the two Saiyans fused suggests that their combined strength will still be no match against Zamasu and Goku Black, which goes to show how unstoppably powerful this evil duo is.

But before the Omni-King steps in, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 will first give fans a better look at the universe-shattering power of Goku Black and Zamasu when harnessed in one single being.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 will air on Sunday, Nov. 6. Preceding this installment is episode 64, "Bow down! Worship Him! The explosive fusion Zamasu!" The synopsis from DB-Z.com reads: "The clash continues between Goku and Vegeta and Zamasu and Goku Black! Vegeta leads a fierce battle to protect Trunks whose injuries have given him strength and anger. But the fight takes an unexpected turn."