Ciara and Russell Wilson to remain celibate 'until the deal is done'

Russel Wilson and CiaraInstagram/ dangerusswilson

NFL player Russell Wilson made headlines when he revealed that he and his girlfriend, singer Ciara, have chosen to remain celibate because God has asked him to "lead her."

In an interview with Pastor Miles McPherson of The Rock church, Russell talked about their decision not to be intimate. 

He said, "I was looking at her in the mirror, and God spoke to me. He said, 'I need you to lead her.' I told her, 'What would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table, and just did it Jesus' way?'" 

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Ciara confirmed that they have chosen to remain celibate. When asked by Kit Hoover and guest co-host Dave Karger if there was a certain timeframe that they intend to stay that way, she replied, "It's until the deal is done, absolutely." 

The singer said that she didn't feel embarrassed at all or bothered when Wilson publicly discussed their choice to not have sexual relations. 

"It was an organic thing for him and I think he was just being honest about where we are," said Ciara. 

She admitted that it can be tough sometimes but they "take it one day at a time and keep it growing with each other, and I'm really enjoying every day that we're sharing." 

Meanwhile, Ciara's ex Future has talked about her and Wilson on several interviews, and when he was told on Huffpost Live about the pair's decision to abstain, Future said that God never told him to wait for sex. 

"He ain't tell me to wait," said the rapper. "I guarantee you that."

He added that they did pray after they got intimate. "That's a true story." 

The rapper also recently criticized Ciara for introducing Wilson to their son, Future Jr. In an interview with "The Breakfast Club" on July 16, Future said that he was angry after seeing a photo of Wilson pushing his son in a stroller and called the moment a "publicity stunt." 

Neither Ciara nor Wilson has commented on Future's comments, and E! News previously reported that they are choosing to ignore his comments and that they remain focused on their relationship.