Christian mother sees Satanic symbol in school bus tail lights

(Photo: Neolyph)

A Christian mother from Cordova, Tennessee, has taken to social media to air her alarm over a school bus' brake lights that she believes depict a symbol commonly associated with the occult and devil worship.

According to WMC News 5, the mother - who is unnamed in the report because of death threats - encountered the bus while waiting behind it at a stop sign. She immediately snapped a photo of the tail lights that in her view form a pentagram - a five-point inverted star that is enclosed in a circle.

While it is commonly associated with the occult and devil worship, the symbol is also used by other religions.

The mother expressed her outrage to WMC News 5 over the presence of that symbol on a bus that transports children to school.

"Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged," she said. She also addressed the school officials, and told them: "If you can't put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it."

She further requested authorities replace the lights with solid red brake lights, stating that it sends the wrong signal to the community.

The buzz over the bus lights has divided the online community. Speaking to WMC News 5, one person describing themselves as a practicing Wiccan agreed that the symbol resembled a pentagram but said that it doesn't automatically denote devil worship.

"Find out what it really means before you start getting riled up and all worked up about something," another commentator told the detractors of the brake lights.

There were also those who were less convinced in the pentagram symbolism but who also questioned the point of putting a similar symbol to the occult into a bus' brake lights.

"Why'd they put it up there," resident Marsha Hudson wondered when interviewed by WMC News 5. "Why'd they put it upside down?"

Bus operator Durham School Services could not be reached for comment. The Cordova school district also declined to speak on the matter.