Christian convert Meriam Ibrahim never questioned God 'Why me?' while languishing in Sudan prison

Mariam Ibraheem and her husband receive cheers when they finally came to the United States last year after the persecuted Christian convert and mother spent five months in a Sudanese prison because of her faith.Reuters

It has been a year since Meriam Ibrahim was freed by a Sudanese court after she was jailed and sentenced to death for converting to Christianity and marrying a Christian man. While languishing in prison, Ibrahim was told that she would be set free as soon as she renounced her Christian faith. But never once did she let God down.

The brave Christian convert and mother has now come out to recount her harrowing ordeal in prison and how she stuck to her faith despite all the hardships. Speaking to CBN News, Ibrahim said she never felt afraid in prison because "death is with all of us at any time." Her only concern, she said, was the survival of her infant daughter Maya. She gave birth to her in prison.

"My children are doing okay. Their health status is okay. As for Maya, I am a bit worried about her health in the future due to her being born in prison," she said.

One thing Ibrahim learned in prison was that nothing is fair. She saw mothers and innocent children die because of difficulties they endured in prison, such as sickness and lack of clean food. "There are a lot of Christian women who are in prison there, so they get sentences as if they are Muslims. And that is not fair," she said. "They are not intentionally killing them, but the situation and the difficulties in prison are killing them."

There has been an outpouring of support and sympathy for Ibrahim and her family when the news about her ordeal broke out. But Ibrahim said she does not want sympathy and neither will she complain about her past.

"I never asked God, 'Why me?' But I accept it, the fact that it was a test from God," she said. Being in prison only strengthened her faith, she said.

Ibrahim said she is sure that the Islamic world is not happy with what she did.