Candace Cameron Bure supporting Hillary Clinton? Fans react to Instagram photo

'The View' co-host Candace Cameron Bure (second from left) poses beside Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (middle), joined by fellow co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg (left), Joy Behar (second from right) and Paula Faris (right) at the show's ABC studio in Burbank, California, on April 5, 2016.(Instagram/Candace Cameron Bure)

When "The View" host Candace Cameron Bure shared a photo of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton smiling with the ladies of the talk show on her Instagram account (@candacecbure), many people jumped to the conclusion that Bure is supporting the candidate.

"Nailed it! #HillaryOnTheView," Bure captioned her photo.

Because of Clinton's stand supporting abortion and the activities being carried out by Planned Parenthood, Bure's fans were fuming to see the "Fuller House" actress rubbing elbows with her.

"I love a lot of things Candace says and does, but I also feel she sometimes is lukewarm in her faith. Candace is a practicing Christian who is very pro-life. Yet she takes a picture with a big smile on her face with someone who just admitted the other day, and has in the past, that an unborn baby is worthless," one fan commented. "I don't judge people by what they say, but by what they do. And Candace's actions don't scream Christian to me, as of late anyway."

Another added that she figured a smart girl like Bure would make better choices as to who she supports, and was disappointed to see the photo. Many commenters even accused Clinton of being a corrupt leader and a liar, and suggested that she go to prison because of her actions.

However, many other fans came to Bure's defence.

One person said she is not a fan of Clinton but would not pass up a chance to have a photo taken with her should they meet. Another fan said it's actually pretty cool of Bure to be so nice to Clinton even though they don't share the same beliefs.

"Christians should love and respect everyone, even if their beliefs differ. That's what Jesus would do. I think this shows true Christianity," someone wrote.