Boris Johnson says Christianity 'makes a lot of sense'

The Prime Minister has suggested he's not a very good Christian in the latest comments on his personal faith.

In an interview with The Times, Boris Johnson also said Christianity made sense to him.

"Christianity is a superb ethical system and I would count myself as a kind of very, very bad Christian," he said. 

He added, "No disrespect to any other religions, but Christianity makes a lot of sense to me."

Johnson's faith has become a point of speculation again after he married Carrie Symonds in a Catholic ceremony at Westminster Cathedral earlier this year. 

Johnson is the first Prime Minister to have been baptised Catholic.

Last September, Wilfred, his young son with Carrie was also baptised a Catholic. 

But he has not commented publicly on whether is he actually a Catholic now. 

Last month, when he was pressed on the question by ITV News' Robert Peston, he refused to answer.  

Mr Johnson told him: "I don't discuss these deep issues, certainly not with you." 

He then quoted from Psalm 14 and told Peston "the foolish man has said in his heart there is no God".