'Attack on Titan' chapter 88 spoilers, predictions: Grisha's source of power to finally be revealed?

Eren from "Attack On Titan"Funimation

Hajime Isayama once again dropped some major revelations about the origins of Titans and Grisha's past in the latest chapter of the "Attack on Titan" manga.

Tons of information has been revealed, which should be enough for fans to get them by the wait for "Attack on Titan" chapter 88, which will be released next month.

"Attack on Titan" chapter 87 was told as a flashback to the time Grisha and the other Eldia Restorationists were sentenced to become mindless Titans after Zeke sold them out.

There, it was revealed that Grisha's first wife, Dana, was the Smiling Titan. It was also revealed that only the Eldians can be transformed into the beastly creatures. This makes sense as their king Ymir Fritz was the first person to use the Titan power.

It was also revealed in "Attack on Titan" chapter 87 that The Owl, the Eldian spy hat infiltrated the Marleyan government, was Kruger, the same man who beat up Grisha when he was a kid.

Grisha also recognized the other soldier named Gross as the one who fed her sister Faye to the dogs more than a decade ago. Gross was leading the charge in turning the Eldians into Titans and was stopped by Kruger before he could start on Grisha.

"Attack on Titan" chapter 88 is expected to show more flashbacks about the events that followed. Kruger is expected to be much more involved in the upcoming chapter.

It is believed that the next chapter of "Attack on Titan" will also show how Grisha got his Titan, power and speculations suggest that Kruger, who was also revealed to be a Titan shifter (possibly one of the nine titans Ymir Fritz made), will have something to do with it.

Fans will have to wait for another month for "Attack on Titan" chapter 88, but Isayama is not expected to slow down and will instead provide a barrage of information in the next chapters and beyond.